Our Success is Your Success

Professional and Efficient
Parallel Development works with Social groups as well as
Non-Government Organisations in the field of strategic Business Development, specifically :

1. Needs Assessment

4. Project Management

2. Strategic Planning

5. Research Evaluation

3. Program Development

6. Organisational Change

'Gazelle Startup' Initiatives

As consultants for your Human Resource and Project Management needs, as we specialize in :

1. Bootstrap Startups
5. ADDIE Instructional Design

2. Group Facilitation

6. Grantwriting
3. AGILE proposals
7. Business Case Review
4. LEAN methodology
8. Project Administration

The Bottom Line
Our results-oriented methodologies can deliver cost savings,
and can also facilitate and expidite projects by lending best practices to your organisational needs.

Our professional network, personal experience, and trained expertise can also save you time, effort and money.
CONTACT US today, to discuss your project.

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